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Premiere: Razgraad – HoarWoodsDivine

From his debut instalment, ‘The Water Towers‘, released last year, to his sophomore offering ‘The Ideology Of Pessimism‘, due out in a week on Yerevan Tapes, the extended sonic realm of Italian producer Razgraad shows to be one of ominous phenomena and transformative power, looking to ferret out your buried fears and doubts to better set them out in a crude, unaltered light.

Presented as a slab of “pure black doomtronica“, which sums up the process in a pretty pithy yet accurate way, ‘The Ideology Of Pessimism‘ documents the chaotic birth of a melodic shape, from the second it leaves its artificial womb to the instant it enters the all-consuming noise of the world.

Across an intricate network of white-hot drone modulations and distorted metal riffs eventually paving the way to a dizzying concert of synthetic harpsichord, Razgraad submerges his listener in an orgy of ritualistic practice and searing electronics on ‘HoarWoodsDivine‘. Penetrating and eerie, the track’s drama-loaded buildup will have you zoning out to Dante’s inferno with rage and uproar.

The Ideology of Pessimism is released via Yerevan Tapes on 21st November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Before It Disappear
2. Pentalpha Cavities
3. HoarWoodsDivine
4. BlackOut/TheSun
5. Ninth Ephemera
6. Thaw.Breath.Light

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