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Premiere: Rings Around Saturn – Automatic Memory

After a first incursion on the label under his Dan White alias back in 2016, analogue astro-shaman Rory McPike makes his return to London’s brokntoys with his fourth album as Rings Around Saturn.

Further expanding the reach scope of his melodic palette and genre-busting idiosyncrasies with a series of large yet subtle touches, White here engineers a uniquely fascinating sci-fi-friendly kind of narrative arc, taking you for an immersive long-playing space odyssey that’ll make ‘No Man’s Sky‘ look like a lifeless, sepia coloured joke of an open-space-opera in comparison.

If the record excels through its diversity – gracefully combining spacious atmospheres, pensive melodies and glossy synthlines with fractured electronics, propulsive grooves and other dubbed-out reveries, it’s also and most importantly its consistency that makes a durable impression.

Lifted from this end-to-end wonder of an album, our pick ‘Automatic Memory‘ will undoubtedly strike a chord with Boards of Canada’s fervent sect of admirers as its sense-awakening interlacing of gliding keys, opalescent textures and poignant crescendo recalls the prismatic nostalgia of magnum opuses like ‘Music Is Math‘ and ‘Everything You Do Is A Balloon‘. Proper outstanding material from a producer at home in the firmament. A classic in the making.

Rings Around Saturn is released via brokntoys, pre-order a copy from Phonica.


A1. Saturnine
A2. Pulp Tech
A3. Apocalypse Lite
B1. Event Strike
B2. Perfect Crime
C1. Online Spectre
C2. World Interior
C3. Uncanny Soul
D1. Non Place
D2. Automatic Memory
D3. Mirage

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