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Doc Sleep provides a bountiful mix for Newtype Rhythms

Following her DJ set in August at the Inverted Audio Barcelona showcase at Laut Club and Discos Paradiso, Doc Sleep steps up to deliver a guest mix for our sister podcast series Newtype Rhythms.

Between playing in the US and all across Europe, plus running the consistently on-point Jacktone Records as well as being a resident of Room 4 Resistance, it’s hard for Melissa to find the time to record a mix, let alone during the US holiday season (Thanksgiving).

Yet somehow, she has weaved together a mix that imbues emotional responses on-and-off the dancefloor; laying down tracks from Burnt Friedman and Grouper alongside Jeff Mills and Mor Elian, plus including a healthy dose of Jacktone tracks.

Doc Sleep’s mix starts at 47 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead starting things off with a deluge of percussive bangers and some techno mashers.


00:00-47:10 – mixed by Sheepshead

1. Ciarra Black – Pulled
2. Shelley Parker – Angel Oak (Ploy Remix)
3. Cosmin TRG – Oblic
4. Jon Convex – Stay (feat. dBridge)
5. DJ JM – Interjail
6. Bruce – What
7. NKC – Salon Room
8. Imogen – Flesh
9. Laurel Halo & Hodge – Opal
10. Ballistiq Beats – Concrete Jungle [Yardman Riddim] (Beneath Remix)
11. Paleman – Slurp
12. Martyn – Friedrichstrasse
13. Cocktail Party Effect – Battered

47:11 – END – mixed by Doc Sleep

1. Grouper – Alien Observer (Kranky)
2. 4023 – B4 (Jacktone)
3. Autocreation – Silver (Medical)
4. Leo Anibaldi – Evocation (Cannibald)
5. Brooke Keller – 4 Verse (Perfect Location)
6. Burnt Friedman – 1999 Nerfs D’acier (Latency)
7. Bergsonist – Human Rights, Loss (Self-Released)
8. Fashion Flesh – Heavy Luxury (forthcoming Jacktone)
9. Mutant Beat Dance – The Human Factor (feat. Naughty Wood) (Rush Hour)
10. Further Reductions – Another Stranger (Cititrax)
11. Mor Elian – Dysmorphia (Hypercolour)
12. Auton – Rosse (Jacktone)
13. Ectomorph – Filthy Demands (Interdimensional Transmissions)
14. Developer – Catch My Flow (Modularz)
15. Ghorba – Hummingbird (Jacktone)
16. Jeff Mills – Time Slip (Axis)

Discover more about Doc Sleep on Inverted Audio.