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Premiere: Roger 23 – L o w. Reshape

The Zenker Brothers have been quite busy in 2016; putting out Ilian Tape’s second LP courtesy of the brilliant shadowy presence that is Skee Mask (read our feature) to putting out excellent EPs from Stenny and Djrum (vs. Struction) solidifying their already snug pocket of exorbitantly outward off-techno for listeners far and wide to enjoy. However, the brothers have never been one to rest on their laurels, as if you look back to the beginnings of the Ilian Tape label, you get to see some peculiarly fun jams that you’d never think to associate with the label almost a decade later.

Perhaps this is why we here at Inverted Audio decided that their newest release from Saarbruecken’s very own Roger 23; a producer that’s been making waves with his foray into jack (or how he puts it – “tjeck”) and ambience. All it takes is a gander at his most recent productions to see why he would easily come into the fold at the label, as his sensitivity to a vibe is one of his main priorities in building tracks from the bottom to the top.

What he does on his forthcoming release, aptly titled “Extended Play”, is expand on those notions by providing dark, intriguing and most importantly – expansive stories with each track, not focusing on the dancefloor but instead on an experience that is meant to be taken by one person and reciprocated by their own sensations through sound design. To say this release is enigmatic would be saying too little; it’s pretty much what the Zenkers are describing it as: “exotic pungent basement rebellion.” We couldn’t agree more, fellas. Check out “L o w Reshape” – our pick from this release as a perfect preview as to what awaits you.

Extended Play is out now on Ilian Tape’s ITX sub label, order a copy from Juno.


1. Day 1
2. Solitude
3. L o w. Reshape
4. Meister Zugmaschine
5. State IX Interlude IIIE
6. State IIX Interlude II

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