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Premiere: Leonardo Martelli – Il Registro

Leonardo Martelli‘s first instalment on Antinote felt like one of those rare epiphanies, a plain communion between the en vogue dust-and-hiss aesthetics, prismatic house flavours and squally tech tropes, soon to be confirmed with his soberly-titled debut album for the French imprint, ‘Previsto‘, due out June 20th.

There is something out of proportion about its apparently unadorned touch-and-feel, an unavowed expansionism taking shape in sudden energy outbursts that go well beyond the frame of floor functionality and willingly so. Just like the volatile nature of souvenirs, Martelli’s pieces flicker and move uncertainly, unladen of their chronology, luring you like a moth to the flame.

The shapely depth of field glimpsed on his previous iterations finds a further admirable outcome in the long-format scope, working a fleshy mixture of delusional late night visions and subtle waft of afters spleen, densifying and opening up to pristine wildernesses as it weaves its own gonzo story-telling out of blunt elements and bleached-out atmospheres.

Menacing like JAWS’ main theme at first – a sinister bass strumming in a desperately shark-less ocean, ‘Il Registro‘ offers what certainly counts as one of Martelli’s most compelling slabs to date, combining the immersive impact of wistful pads with the galvanic crunch of a stealth breakbeat lilt. Straight up killer.

Previsto is released via Antinote on June 20th, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. L’Immaginario
A2. Negli Abissi
A3. Leggende Metropolitane
A4. La Luna
B1. Il Registro
B2. Lo Schema
B3. Previsto

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