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Premiere: Rupert Clervaux – Every Tyrant In History

Due out briefly on Berceuse Heroique, ‘Zibaldone III of CVX‘ is the third in a series of releases from London-via-Mallorca based artist Rupert Clervaux after two instalments issued via London’s Laura Lies In – both available in the form of custom-made dubplates. Inspired by the unique format and flow of ‘zibaldone‘ – the Italian equivalent to commonplace books made famous by Giacomo Leopardi’s eponymous masterpiece, Clervaux’s multi-angle audio mosaics merge fragments from various fields such as literature, philosophy, poetry, psychology, history, politics and more.

Concretely made of “impulsive recordings, studio off-cuts, brazen samples, internet rips and selected recitals“, the UK producer’s latest is an interdisciplinary hotchpotch of riptide rhythms, free jazz-y riffs, dissonant melodies and minced speech slivers. A topsy-turvy collage of red-hot metallic drums, distorted synth motifs, politically charged vocal samples (“I hate governments, I hate power“) and mind-pervasive cello humming sieved through a particularly taut and nervous sound design, our pick ‘Every Tyrant In History‘ makes for a proper incisive introduction into Clervaux’s riveting sonic realms. A captivating, thought-provoking polyphonic chaos to lose yourself to.

Zibaldone III of CVX is released via Berceuse Heroique late June.


ZIII.1 – Protesta Humana
ZIII.2 – Fleurs Pour Simone (Part 1)
ZIII.3 – Every Tyrant In History
ZIII.4 – Invectors
ZIII.5 – Fleurs Pour Simone (Part 2)
ZIII.6 – Exhibit ‘A’ Smartphone

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