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Dez Williams swells up a frenzy for Newtype Rhythms’ 50th show

Our sister mix series has reached a milestone – Newtype Rhythms has another notch on its belt with its 50th show – with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

After a brief hiatus, the sister series is back with a special guest mix from Dez Williams, a dancefloor assassin with some weapons of the acidic, squelching variety. Unleashing his form of frenetic and funky brilliance for the better part of two decades, Williams has released for the likes of labels such as Sunil Sharpe’s Earwiggle, Killekill, Eletronik Religion (his very own label) and a veritable amount of others along the way.

On 2nd July he is set to release ‘Against Your Will’, a new four-tracker coming out on a label he’s familiar with, Bedouin Records. To get a gauge of what’s in-store for that EP, check out Williams’ mix on this broadcast at 43 minutes, with resident Sheepshead supplying some bassy warm-up vibes as always. Happy 50th, and here’s to 50 more!


00:00-42:42 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Pariah – Linnaea
02. Barker – Like An Animal
03. Koehler – Thief
04. Hodge & Randomer – Slipping (Kowton Remix)
05. Sciahri – Metamorphosis
06. Darling Farah – Model
07. Szare – Untitled
08. Afriqua – Sway
09. Giant Swan – The Rest Of His Voice
10. Ploy – Ramos
11. Kode9 – Black Swan
12. Wen – Off-Kilter
13. Benjamin Damage – Binary

42:43 – END – Mixed by Dez Williams

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