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Premiere: S. Channel – Cruise On A

S. Channel‘s first incursion on Blorp two years ago had all the hallmarks of a master stroke. Having gained praise from such a discerning and respected selector as Kassem Mosse who included it in his Workshop radio session on NTS last November, his track ‘Polar Express Pigeon‘ was eventually followed by a top-notch solo debut for French label Third Try Records in late 2016, which upheld the standards set out by his breakthrough gem with poise and steadfastness.

S. Channel’s castle-building deep house finds a further fascinating embodiment on ‘Kepler The Dreamy Planet‘, his first album scheduled for landing via Gnork’s Blorp sister label Outskirts later this month. Crossing the horizontal vastness of uncluttered ambient on the coarse-grained ‘Timelapse‘ with the subtly organic vibe of the Chicago-indebted ‘Nuclear (Wint’17 Rough Mix)‘, S. Channel gives birth to a multi-level sonic realm, full with lavish envelops and deep ridges to explore.

Our pick ‘Cruise On A‘ finds the Parisian producer mixing a forward-moving acid bass bounce with clinky-clanky drums and aqueous pads rippling in dubby billows. Showing quite an unparalleled talent for letting the silent breathe and speak through long and finely-textured spans, arranging sequences of seemingly motionless ambientisms with a flock of rousing off-kilter percussions, S. Channel nails it beautifully. Do not sleep.

Kepler The Dreamy Planet is released via Blorp on 23rd May 2017, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Dreamy Walk On A Beach
A2. Leftover Love
A3. Nuclear (Wint’17 Rough Mix)
A4. Smoking Futur (2AM Hazy Mix)
A5. Timelapse
B1. Blop
B2. Un-Sync Travel (We Finally Found Home)
B3. Zion
B4. Cruise On A
B5. Stasia

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