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Premiere: Silicon Scally – Cobalt Blue

Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit is on a roll, absolutely transitioning from cult classic label into the striding machine it is nowadays over the last eighteen months. Its clear vision and identity is striking a chord and the strength of its releases are doing nothing but fuelling the fires of anticipation. Coming up are a couple of key releases from Biochip and Bochum Welt, plus this from Carl Finlow’s Silicon Scally alias.

Speaking wider than in just terms of the world of electro, Carl Finlow is one of the most distinctive voices in electronic music. From the early days as part of the formative 20:20 Vision roster, blessing the deep house scene with a truly slanted take on the dance floor, right up to current renaissance on labels such as Lone Romantic and Craigie Knowes, you can spot a Finlow production a mile off. No wonder his tracks have often popped up in the sessions of Fabric taste maker Craig Richards frequently over the years.

Our premiere features the title track ‘Cobalt Blue‘, which Carl Finlow through and through. Robotic, deep layers of funk and a panoramic approach to audio. It is supported by another pair of electro rollers – ‘Scintillation‘ and ‘Protocol 2‘ – plus an absolute growler in the form of ‘Asynchronous‘.

‘Cobalt Blue’ is available now, pick up a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Cobalt Blue
2. Scintillation
3. Asynchronous
4. Protocol 2

Learn more about Silicon Scally and Central Processing Unit on Inverted Audio.