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Premiere: Skatebård & Stiletti-Ana – Universet

Press the rewind key back to 2011: a party in Berlin, hosted by Untz Untz Records, headlined by Norwegian whizz Skatebård and Finnish rising talent Stiletti-Ana – then performing as half of the Jesse duo – sees the pair ratify a tacit deal; an encounter that would lead to the present studio collaboration – the excellent ‘Standard Moderne‘ – six years later. A drum machine signed by Bård will serve as the seal of commitment.

Aptly christened “The Finsk-Norsk Body Language Society“, the newly-formed duo doesn’t indulge in subtle detours and non-functional foreplay, rather well focusing on what they do best, i.e. making people sweat in the club with a clever mashup of heavily arpeggiated kosmische, old-school house and throbbing electro-y vibrations.

Setting out a feverish dancefloor workout that bears all the trademarks of Skatebård’s retro-chic melodies and free-rolling italo swagger with a twinkly discoid sound design right in step with Stiletti-Ana’s spacey glam house chuggers, the sizzling-hot ‘Universet‘ promises to cause a few sparks to fly each time the needle hits its sturdy ironbound grooves.

Standard Moderne is released via Untz Untz Records on 16th June, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Standard Moderne
B1. Anaska
B2. Universet

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