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Premiere: Sordid Sound System ‘The Baron’

Since launching last year, Glaswegian imprint Invisible Inc. has enjoyed quite an impressive upward trajectory, flourishing as one of the most intriguing and consistent purveyors of kraut and kosmische-infused wonders in the UK and beyond.

Released in the Autumn of last year, Stuart Evans’ debut as Sordid Sound System – the excellent ‘In A Year of 13 Moons‘, felt like the perfect introduction to his protean universe, remolding Suicide ‘Ghost Rider‘ into a sizzling hurricane of dubby bass gusts and metallic percussions, or delivering a spacey ode to Hamburg’s very own Golden Pudel with equal poise.

Today we’re proud to present the first extract from ‘Lux Exterior‘, his second instalment on the Scottish label. Breaking the EP in, ‘The Baron‘ is a volatile love potion conjuring strains of Klaus Schulze’y synth lines with an Afro-futuristic lean, laying down some highly sensuous xylophone rides over a malevolent outer-space vibe. Implacable.

Lux Exterior is released via Invisible Inc. on May 30th, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno


A1. The Baron
A2. Scratch
A3. Lux Exterior
B1. Der Mond Und Die Stern
B2. I Walk On Splintered Gilders
B3. Keep Your Head

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