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Premiere: Stallion’s Stud – Unpredictable

Earlier this year, Red Light Radio co-founder Hugo van Heijningen (Malkovich / White Slice) and Identified Patient (Pinkman) began experimenting together in the studio, soon giving birth to a new duo named Stallion’s Stud. Roaming the fringes between industrial, post-punk and no wave, their debut EP ‘STLLNSSTD‘ is due out via Interstellar Funk’s imprint Artificial Dance on 19th November.

Following in the footsteps of Dutch DIY tape imprints from the ’80s era, the record traces a vein both dark and abrasive, tailor-made for the fiercest of mosh pits and basement rumbles. Sure to set off a riot in its wake, our premiere ‘Unpredictable‘ casts a menacing omen on the dancefloor and its vicinity as it undeviatingly guides you across flaming subterranean tunnels to the pace of Heijningen’s raspy vocals, distorted riffs and martial drum-machine belches. Shockwave’s coming.

STLLNSSTD is released via Artificial Dance on 19th November, pre-order a copy from Rush Hour.


A1. Promising Promises
A2. Instrumental Aria
B1. Unpredictable
B2. The Voice Of No

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