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Premiere: Ligovskoï – Fairbanks

In an ever more rapidly changing world, at a time in which every artistic production has become a consumer good like any other, ambient music aims to offer a different experience. No fan service, no rhythmic straitjacket, no functional recipes, just large spans of harmonics and carefully textured horizons for your mind to freely wander in and reflect upon.

In the space of two EPs and a long-player on the likes of IL Y A Records and DEMENT3D, French duo Ligovskoï made these qualities theirs, delivering the kind of time-proof and inextinguishably profound sonic experiences that keep on offering, even after a thousand listens.

Returning this fall on Field Records with their sophomore album ‘Esam‘, Nikolaï Azonov and Valerio Selig continue their in-depth exploration of the inner spheres; brushing what Field accurately describe as “a painterly and romantic form of music“, recalling “vast landscapes, abstract patterns and poetic movement“. Giving further insight into the record’s aims, Nikolaï and Valerio explain:

We spend a lot of time exchanging thoughts and feelings about the experiences we had while creating and listening, like old friends looking at clouds and discussing the shapes they see. By publishing our music, we hope that listeners will recognise their own feelings and that they will understand or feel something in common with us.

Our premiere ‘Fairbanks‘ soars high above the clouds, ushering its listener in a deep state of meditative balance. The ethereal aura of the track exudes throughout with subtletly and nuance, whilst the slow tidal motion of pads – neatly complemented with finely inlaid synth arpeggios, heavy-breathing echoes and chimey motifs, draws you nearer to complete beatitude. Vibrant.

Esam is released via Field Records on 19th November, pre-order a copy from Delsin.


A1. Thessalonians
A2. Mungu
A3. Fairbanks
A4. Behaïm
B1. Dautz
B2. Esam
B3. Bjanka
B4. Cortege

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