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Premiere: Subtraxive – Circles

Moscow-based producer Subtraxive is set to launch his new label Note Variation with an EP of UK-inspired breakbeat damagers. The artist’s debut release deftly blends past and present with hardcore influenced cuts sitting alongside bass-heavy electro.

Subtraxive is by no means a newcomer to broken beats. With healthy servings of jungle and hardcore flavour, the producer also reaches for the tried and true sounds of the Roland TB-303, TR-808 and other classic equipment on this release.

Circles’ is proof that some dance tracks need little more than drums and bass in the right hands. Subtraxive flexes his break splicing chops here and lets the gargantuan bassline instill a sense of dread.

‘Nightmoves’ is scheduled for release 1 April via Note Variation. Order a copy from Juno.


1. Circles
2. Unwind
3. With You/Without You
4. My Flow