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Premiere: Tarrecc – Shifting Baseline

Berlin-based producer Tarrecc gears up to issue the first release on his freshly coined imprint ZKNFT.

Over the course of five tracks, ‘Shifting Baseline’ EP delivers a restless assault of techno, interweaving pounding kick drums and knife-edge synths. ‘Shifting Baseline‘ is our pick thanks to its downbeat drum programming, spatial soundscapes and double-speed hi-hats.

Proceeds from the sale of the release are to be donated to ZKNFTsmusik – a voluntary program for introducing teenagers into the realms of music production.

‘Shifting Baseline’ EP is scheduled for release on 26th April via ZKNFT. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Cause and Effect
2. Frame Narrative
3. Double Standards
4. Extrapolation
5. Shifting Baseline