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Premiere: Tav Exotic – Hamont Achel

Tav Exotic is the collaborative alias of Belgium producers Ernesto Gonzalez and Mike Crabbé. Since their debut self-titled double CD in 2013, the duo have released music through Johann Kauth’s Antwerp-based imprint Stenze Quo Musik and Vlek.

Seemingly Belgium is teeming with different shades of yet-to-be discovered experimental and independent music outlets. Labels such as Lexi Disques, KRAAK, Ultra Eczema and the aforementioned Vlek are clearly paving the way.

Now Athens based record label Phormix is set to release the duos next release in the form of a limited edition cassette named ‘Diospyros Plastikos‘. Our pick “Hamont Achel” delivers clattering percussion, off-kilter EBM synths and a gloomy echoing vocal that creates a sense of lechery and shed light into Tav Exotic’s psychedelic realm.

‘Diospyros Plastikos’ is scheduled for release 15th November 2018. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Railcar Bombing
2. Sunbleach
3. Hamont Achel
4. Tachyon Signals
5. Final Level
6. Underground Dweller
7. Intransmission
8. Magnetic White Out
9. Cold Skin

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