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Premiere: Acid Kult – Untitled 3

Following on from a pair of releases courtesy of Russian steroid-powered electro traders Locked Club & RLGN and label founding duo Future DZ, Nashville label Tram Planet Records resurfaces this fall with the debut tape delivery from mysterious 303-worshipper and floor occultist Acid Kult.

Across six pulsating sketches of grubby motorik and shadowy electro-tech, the US producer makes the pistons roar and rumble on the not so aptly-titled ‘Silence‘ EP. Expect no monastic austerity or enveloping quietude from Acid Kult first offering at no point, what’s on the menu is instead well an end-to-end expressionistic unfolding of lysergic bass, muffled kicks and jagged rhythms, all bathed in a brooding twilight-friendly sound design. That’s for Acid Kult’s overall murky liturgy.

Our pick ‘Untitled 3‘ blazes with the same ingredients mentioned above and more, ushering you into flame-upholstered Luciferian depths with almost sadistic relish. Descend the club’s stairway like you’d go down Gemonian stairs, knee deep in the sacred sweat of Acid Kult’s victims and disciples, quivering as the neon lights begin to flicker. The number of the beast is everywhere on the walls, and it looks like you’ve mistakenly pocket-called Beelzebub himself. 666 party is on.

Silence EP is released via Tram Planet Records on 15th November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Untitled 1
A2. Untitled 2
A3. Untitled 3
B1. Untitled 4
B2. Untitled 5
B3. Untitled 6

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