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Premiere: Techno Thriller – Enfant De Sodome

Half a year after the release of their self-titled second full-length on local Belgian imprint L’Entorse, Brussels-based duo Techno Thriller are set to land their third album, ‘Enfant De Sodome‘, through Jules Peter’s ever finely curated record label, Unknown Precept. Another storming and compelling drop from the French structure after Sene’s most excellent ‘I Heard You Laughing‘ last year.

Lifted from that six-track assortment of off-centre proto-industrial melters, psychotic synthpunk exhortations and other gritty, wallowed-in-filth ear candies tailored for high-intensity basement scrimmage, the very Death In June’esque title-track transports us to further mysterious and esoteric ages, where plague doctors haunt the streets and penitential processions were still a thing.

A proper dark and mesmerising neo-folk affair, TT’s ‘Enfant De Sodome‘ blazes slow but sinks deep. Breaking through a mystique-imbued veil of hazy textures, ominous echoes and swirling synths, the track rolls at a steady, metronomic pulse as its bellicose drums and high-pitched bombardes beat a war-mongering pulse. Watch the odd, menacing music vid directed by Gaëtan Bizien down below – a perfect fit to Techno Thriller’s haunting post-apocalyptical score.

Enfant De Sodome is out now via Unknown Precept, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Hell
A2. Enfant de Sodome
A3. Hauara
B1. Witches Never Die
B2. Dark Ages
B3. Poison Tree

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