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Premiere: Thugwidow – Opportunity Knocks

Following a string of releases on Hyperboloid, Warehouse Rave, Mental Concept, Sneaker Social Club and Western Lore, prolific D&B producer Thugwidow lines up his next four track EP on Badlands, serving up a potent homage to the much-loved UK rave scene of the 1990’s.

While taking on familiar templates that entrenched the hardcore continuum into a mind-hive cerebellum, Thugwidow tweaks and twists Jungle and Drum & Bass by adding emotive subtlety with tact and tension that fuels the vigour felt long after tracks have reached their natural conclusion.

Over the four tracks that make up ‘Archetypical’ – Thugwidow demonstrates an ability to refrain from tearing your speakers up instantaneously to instead explore a more emotive, euphoric and playful approach to Jungle music.

Our pick from the EP is ‘Opportunity Knocks‘ – consisting of refrained breaks and haunting vocal samples, Thugwidow keeps listeners in check by gradually increasing bass pressure, making you yearn for a thunderous conclusion. Another top notch extended player from Thugwidow.

‘Archetypical’ is scheduled for release 11 November via Badlands. Order a copy from Bandcamp


A1. All Out Of Luck Son
A2. Archetypical
B1. Opportunity Knocks
B2. Whale Song