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Premiere: Timothy J. Fairplay – Honecker Complex

Up next after releases by Machinegewehr and Too Smooth Christ, French label Nocta Numerica are set to close the year on a high note with a brand new EP from sure-handed Italo electro operator and longtime collaborator of Andrew Weatherall, Tim J. Fairplay. The four-track ‘An Introduction To Consumer Electronics‘ is scheduled to drop by the first days of 2018.

Picked from this pulsating chunk of retro-laced grooves and hypersonic cosmic drifters, the B-side opener ‘Honecker Complex‘ sets the throttle at full thrust with style and panache. Take a mind-hacking melody and thumping kicks, add to it an otherworldly mixture of enslaving synth arpeggios and lysergic pads and you have a serious contender for the title of spaced-out Italo gem of the year. If Fairplay’s got a serious knack for crafting both hypnotic and danceable cuts, focused and functional all the while keeping on an elegiac and deeply immersive tip, here you can hear the real wingspread of his composition skills and club-ready expertise.

An Introduction To Consumer Electronics is released via Nocta Numerica on 1st January 2018, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Pure Hex
A2. An Introduction To Consumer Electronics
B1. Honecker Complex
B2. Birthday Celebrations At Utrecht Space Disco

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