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Premiere: Dopamine Rider – Crunch Thump

In the wake of a prolific 2017 marked by releases from Odopt, Sharif Laffrey and label honcho Hugo Capablanca himself, Berlin-based imprint Discos Capablanca recently announced their final release of the year courtesy of the mysterious Dopamine Rider.

Based out of Hong Kong and more commonly found recording under the alias of S.Y., including an EP for Samo DJ’s Born Free label – ‘Personal FX‘ marks Scott Young’s debut release as Dopamine Rider, a name relating to the physiologic process involving that “those who physically suffer from dopamine depletion seek ways to experience maximized pleasure.

Personal FX’ follows on from Young’s limited edition two-track disco house and dub banger ‘Homeless‘, which sold out in a flash in 2016. Ranging from leftfield dancefloor rhythms to concrete meditative music, the present EP also features a hidden track on the B-side named “Crunch Thump”, which doesn’t appear on the official tracklist. Today we are happy to share this coarse-grained conclusion to the weird discoid winds that spin and whirl endlessly on ‘Personal FX’, right until the needle eventually rises from the groove again.

Personal FX is released on 04th December 2017 via Discos Capablanca, order a copy from Juno.


A1. $ LFO
A2. Personal FX
B1. John Cage Is My Homeboy
B2. Sai Ying Pun

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