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Premiere: Tapan – In My Heart (feat. Radwan Ghazi Moumneh)

A couple months ago was released Tapan‘s fourth EP, ‘Europa‘, an eerie Balkan jazz and folk-indebted single featuring a rework from London’s very own Tim J. Fairplay on the flip side. Due out in a week, the Belgrade-based duo return to Malka Tuti with their eponymous debut album.

Europa‘ was inspired by the recent events that unfolded across the world and Europe in particular, leading to large-scale migrations and displacement of populations as the Serbian capital progressively morphed into a “purgatorial destination” for the thousands of migrants converging at the gates of the West; seeking asylum and peace but finding disenchantment and anxiety instead. Recorded “during long jam sessions in Belgrade as the media spotlight started to dim“, this collection of mixed-blood beats burns with an ever-lasting dazzling fever.

Our premiere ‘In My Heart‘ is certainly the most compelling take from this flustered instrumental odyssey; marrying the entrancing baglama riffs of Jerusalem In My Heart with finely-inlaid electronic layers and intricate skeins of live-played percussions, Tapan here sublimely capture the essence of a Gordian continuum as a ballet of stirred souls dances behind and beyond the myriad of shallow screens that so often impede us from seeing past our comfortable lives and into the realness of the stranger’s pain. Superior gem.

Europa is released via Malka Tuti on 18th December, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Europa
C1. In My Heart (feat. Radwan Ghazi Moumneh)
C2. Bogovi
D1. Trouble
D2. Outro

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