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Premiere: Tapan – Europa (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)

Heard straight from the horse’s mouth, “Techno’s boring nowadays” has become a much discussed assertion between those partial to a rejuvenation of the genre and the over-indulgent partisans of a dull breed of stomping 4/4 music tailored for heavy-sweating action, but not much else.

Heralds of a new wind in techno music, Belgrade-based production duo Tapan has emerged as one of the most intriguing acts in the game. Exploring the fringes between ragged industrial beats, leftfield electronic experiments and throbbing tribalisms with a much adventurous stance, Goran and Schwabe (co-founder of the famed Disco Not Disco parties) have forged a richly designed sound identity, immersive and trance-inducing to the fullest.

Taken from the duo’s newest instalment – ‘Europa‘ – out in a few days on Malka TutiTimothy J Fairplay‘s revamp corrugates the original mix in luscious hypnotic folds and creases; like Jon Hassell, Drexciya and Muslimgauze jamming in the midst of a caravan meet-up in the desert. Bumpy as a camel ride under the red-hot sun but velvety as a call to prayers in the thickness of the night, this one is a hell of a polychromatic mashup – melding a driving electro bass with subtle Arabic percs and a snake-charmer of a jazzy sax for a proper mind-bending result. Massive.

Europa is released via Malka Tuti on 13th October, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A. Europa (12″ Version)
B. Europa (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)

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