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Premiere: Modula – A2

Always keen on exploring the most baroque and outlandish facets of electronic music, Edinburgh label Firecracker Recordings have found the perfect applicant to complement their many-sided catalogue in the person of Naples-based Periodica affiliate Modula.

Fresh off a choice offering on the ever consistent Tartelet Records, from which we premiered the excellent ‘Alba, Tempesta, Notturno‘ a few weeks ago, Filippo Colonna Romano steps up on the Scottish label with the firm intention to run the hoodoo down both on and (way) off the dancefloor.

Soberly named after the Yamaha PSS 780 synth Romano used to make these jams, ‘The 780’s Chronicles‘ displays four funk-heavy cosmo-discoid joints of the finest standards, and our premiere ‘A2‘ illustrates this with further jazz and intensity.

Interwoven layers of synthetic modulations flirt and dissolve, wafting with the lightness of a funky zephyr across the drums, as a swaying slap bass and emphatic claps beat a straight out infectious groove that’ll get your hair growing an afro and slim jeans flare out like it’s the ’70s again.

The 780’s Chronicles is released via Firecracker Recordings on 17th October, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. A1
2. A2
3. A3
4. B1
5. B2

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