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Premiere: E-Unity – Wormhole In The 4th Wall

The idiosyncratic Bristolian formula for rawboned bass music and reshuffled tribal rhythms has been emulated over and over in the last few years but paradoxically enough it’s in the streets of Paris that this purely UK-bred sound has found two of its most promising representatives for the years to come in the persons of Livity affiliate Simo Cell and high-rated up-and-comer E-Unity.

Set to release his debut EP on the newborn Oscilla Sound in a couple days, the French producer steps up with a master move. ‘Perihelion‘ (which in science describes the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid or comet where and when it is nearest to the sun) features three polyamorous cuts that meld the finest of the garage heritage with strains of dub techno and funky electronics.

Streaming in full over our channels today, E-Unity’s ‘Wormhole In The 4th Wall‘ is the most bass-friendly cut of the package with its laser-precise compound of steely drumwork and chime-heavy harmonics; all weaved together by a riveting organic feel. Be ready to explore the lush landscapes and vast expanses of an uncharted planet where outsized mosquitoes impale their preys and tiny rhinos head-butt the top of your soles. Miles away from whatever you can hear these days. Tip!

Perihelion is released via Oscilla Sound on 13th October, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Perihelion
2. Morty
3. Wormhole In The 4th Wall

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