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J. Albert shares new album in support to the victims of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

One of our favourite artists, NY-based producer J. Albert, resurfaces this fall with a special delivery to help raise funds for the people of Puerto Rico impacted by hurricane Maria.

If 16 reported deaths are merely worth the interest of US president Donald Trump, every loss is obviously one too many to any decent, reason-endowed human being, and the recent sequence of terrible climatic events that’s unfolded upon Antillas left us all profoundly shaken.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Jio Nadal has been one of the driving forces behind New York’s pulsating house and techno scene for years now, establishing a signature sound that fuses the cream of altered 4/4 rhythms, reverb-soaked ambiences and propulsive electro grooves.

Out now and available for download via his Bandcamp, the 14-track album ‘No hay Alegria sin el Campo‘ finds Nadal in top form and doing what he does best, i.e. sniping a hail of off-kilter club weapons, sure to morph the dance floor into a damp and misty jungle. Note that all proceeds will be donated to Fondos Unidos.

We’ll give Jio the last word on this: “I am Puerto Rican. A great majority of my extended family calls Puerto Rico home. The lack of aid and resources provided by our system hurts, but the complacency of our President kills us and now it’s personal.


1. Alegria
2. Identity Crisis
3. No quiero saberlo
4. Angel
5. No.1
6. The Bull Wears Leather
7. Mongoose
8. No.2
9. Maracuja
10. Pulling with Nectar
11. Maria
12. Limber en Bayamon
13. Macho
14. Manhattan Ave.

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