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Bokeh Versions and NoCorner collaborate to release Seekersinternational ‘RunComeTest’ EP

News just in from Bokeh HQ – Dub collective Seekersinternational will release a four track extended player in November 2017.

‘RunComeTest’ was recorded just after the release of Seekersinternational’s 2014 album ‘Rootprinciple’. Three years on and it is finally seeing release on vinyl, forming a special collaboration between the two Bristol based imprints Bokeh Versions and NoCorner.

Expect a semi-lucid wave of dub wise sounds, effortlessly blended with archival recordings and a hazy mesh of smoke-filled lo-fi obscurity. One for the heads.


1. RunComeTest
2. FurdaMurda
3. TrialByFire
4. TroubleRoundDiCorner

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