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Superpitcher announces ‘The Golden Ravedays’ 12-piece collectors box set

If you missed out on buying any of the monthly vinyl editions of Superpitcher’s magnum opus “The Golden Ravedays”, fear not. Today Hippie Dance shared news that the 24 track album will be released in the form of a 12-piece collectors box set, available from 1st December 2017.

Lifted from our interview with Superpitcher back in April, Aksel commented “When I made ‘The Golden Ravedays‘, I let the sound take its own course and discovered a new territory of landscapes as a result…I could not bring it over my heart to cut any of the paths to fit to the traditional formats available to producers, plus I really liked all 24 pieces. I took the decision to use it all, but because of the longer than usual length of the tracks, I had to come up with a new presentation idea – hence the 12 releases over a one-year period.

At present a pre-order link for the box set is not available, as the tenth edition of “The Golden Ravedays” is yet to see release on 27th October 2017. Head over to Kompakt to grab previous editions of the series and keep a look out for the box set!


1.  Little Raver [The Golden Ravedays 01]
2.  Snow Blind [The Golden Ravedays 01]
3.  What Do You Miss [The Golden Ravedays 02]
4.  Let’s Play Doctor [The Golden Ravedays 02]
5.  1984 [The Golden Ravedays 03]
6.  Pocket Love [The Golden Ravedays 03]
7.  Blood & Berry [The Golden Ravedays 04]
8.  Howl [The Golden Ravedays 04]
9.  Bluesin [The Golden Ravedays 05]
10.  Burkina [The Golden Ravedays 05]
11.  Protest Song [The Golden Ravedays 06]
12.  Resistance [The Golden Ravedays 06]
13.  Andy [The Golden Ravedays 07]
14.  Yves [The Golden Ravedays 07]
15.  Tuesday Paris Texas [The Golden Ravedays 08]
16.  Mirage [The Golden Ravedays 08]
17.  Flying [The Golden Ravedays 09]
18.  Hiding [The Golden Ravedays 09]
19.  Rock N Roll Baby [The Golden Ravedays 10]
20.  Shining [The Golden Ravedays 10]
21.  Brothers [The Golden Ravedays 11]
22.  Sleepy Head [The Golden Ravedays 11]
23.  Late Night Skanking [The Golden Ravedays 12]
24.  Punky Reggae Party [The Golden Ravedays 12]

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