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Premiere: Tobias Oliver – Aeon (Anton Kubikov Frail Snowflakes Remix)

Cementing their 25th release, Cologne-based record label Minimood gear up to issue the 7-track ‘Aeon’ EP from Vienna-based producer Tobias Oliver. In keeping with the occasion, the cover illustrates Tillman Lauterbach’s plate printing techniques on terrestrial limestones.

Having composed with his supergroup Datawelt and released dancefloor-ready armadas on Superdisko for several years, Tobias Oliver brings together a team of producers to remix ‘Aeon’, providing a fusion of moody ambient ballads and straight-edge techno to create a reverent tribute to the dub techno dynasty. Contributors include Bureau B’s regular Die Wilde Jagd, AU Cheek, Berlin-based producer Ray Okpara, JS, Kompakt’s Anton Kubikov and Bluetrain.

Our pick is Anton Kubikov‘s remix – a streamlined piece of dub techno ornamented with acid-infused bass and sluggish yet almost human-like modulation unsettling the atmosphere presided over by ultra-filtered kick drums. In a matter of seconds, Kubikov quietly pierces the unconscious mind with a dimly echoed pendulum of disembodied lethargy.

‘Aeon’ EP is scheduled for release on 7th June on Intimate Inanimate. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Aeon
2. Aeon (Die Wilde Jagd Last And First Remix)
3. Aeon (AU Cheek Well Well Remix)
4. Aeon (Ray Okpara Lost Lovers Remix)
5. Aeon (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub)
6. Aeon (JS Reflective Reshape)
7. Aeon (Anton Kubikov Frail Snowflakes Remix)