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Premiere: True Yorker – A Month With Her

Following releases last year from Jason Burns and label co-founder Rusinaak, New York-based record label Planet 9 line up their third edition courtesy of True Yorker.

Comprising four solo tracks, plus a high energy remix from LA-based producer Etari, ‘Trying to Mimic Good Intentions‘ marks True Yorker’s first solo release, serving up a medley of radiant bass, tech house and sultry breaks. Our pick from the release is ‘A Month With Her‘ – interweaving low-end frequencies with polished percussive hypnotism, this track gets the feet shuffling and the head nodding.

‘Trying to Mimic Good Intentions’ is scheduled for release 24 February via Planet 9. Order a copy from Juno.


1. Trying To Mimic Good Intentions
2. Second Hand Shopping Spree
3. A Month With Her
4. How Will You Know
5. Trying To Mimic Good Intentions (Etari remix)