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Premiere: Zanshin – Fireflies

Following the release of last year’s ‘In Any Case, By Any Chance’, Vienna-based producer Zanshin returns to Affine Records with a new mini album. ‘The Subject Matters’, the artist’s sixth offering on the Austrian label, abounds in hypnotic melodies and granular textures.

Under the moniker Zanshin, Gregor Ladenhauf has been dabbling in a wide range of styles over the past decade or so. Whether operating in the realm of techno or more experimental territory, the artist often seems to favour complex musical arrangements.

Sure to delight fans of introspective electronica, ‘The Subject Matters’ features two short and two long compositions. ‘Fireflies’, our pick from the release, was originally built upon a sample of a creaking door. The final track swells with jubilant synthetic tones and melodies reminiscent of retro video games.

‘The Subject Matters’ is scheduled for release 17 February via Affine Records. Order a digital copy from Bandcamp.


1. Zanshin – Swan Swap
2. Zanshin & Two South And A Grain – Drown Control
3. Zanshin – Fireflies
4. Zanshin – The Subject Changes