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Premiere: Violet – Antifa Beats

Moxie is back with another compilation release for her On Loop label. This time packed with a treasure trove of tracks ready for the dance. The NTS host has gotten busier recently with her show now becoming a weekly broadcast, and with that her selections becoming even more intriguing and far-reaching than ever before.

Enter today’s premiere, a blissful breakbeat belter from Lisbon talent Violet, a DJ/producer who’s been having a banner year between her impressive Naive label and her stellar DJ sets. “Antifa Beats” is a lush roller; its rough-n-tumble breaks are only matched by its delicate chord progressions and moody synth lines; providing a saccharine-tinged jump-start for dancefloor adventurers at any time. A welcome time-warp to a mid-’90s romp of rave regalia, Violet packs a wallop of nostalgic bite with her contribution to Moxie’s Volume Four. Check out the tune after the jump.

Moxie’s Volume Four is released on 26 October, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Byron The Aquarius – Truth Is What U See (Dreams)
2. Nathan Micay – Basic Plumbing
3. Lady Blacktronika – 4 The Pain
4. Violet – Antifa Beats
5. Steve Spacek – Gimmi Da Love
6. DJ Python – Quito
7. Louise Chen – Reach (Raw Mix)
8. Steve Spacek – Gimmi Da Love (The Maghreban Remix) [Bonus Track]

Discover more about Violet and On Loop on Inverted Audio.