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Premiere: VTSS – I Don’t Think It’s Better

Winter’s still going strong; but considering what’s going on for today’s premiere, we’re pre-disposed to think that some cold snares will warm us right up.

VTSS has been steadily rising as a force of industrious might and magic; courtesy of her inaugural release (entitled Self-Will) on SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin imprint along with her strong DJ sets and live performances.

With her latest release on Berlin-based label HAVEN, the Polish producer continues to build upon her emphatic compositions by manoeuvring the standard templates of industrial techno and speckling them with evocative soundscapes and encapsulating breaks.

However, it’s with ‘I Don’t Think It’s Better’ where the EP decides to cut looser and faster, bringing ice-cold snares into a stomping match between a bassline and kick-drum — along with a vocal that invites and warns you of what’s to come next. It’s an adventure into high-energy shamanism, with all the shamans dressed in leather in lace. Check out the track after the jump.

Self Control is scheduled for release 15 March 2019 via HAVEN. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Up & Down
2. I Don’t Think It’s Better
3. Nicetry
4. Ununtrium

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