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Premiere: Western Versions – Louisiana Coda

It’s always unique to hear a track on the dancefloor that imbues a balancing act through its runtime. A tune that delicately straddles the line between meticulous rhythmic narrative and dramatic arrangement with grace and grit.

When it comes to Western Versions latest release on Pastel Voids, that balancing act delivers in the form of “Louisiana Coda” a playful yet punchy cut from Española Nights, his latest EP for the aforementioned label. Check out this unique tune after the jump and step on the see-saw for yourself.

Española Nights is available for purchase on Pastel Voids’ Bandcamp.


1. State Road
2. Louisiana Coda
3. Española Nights
4. West Side Lights
5. Ditches in Winter
6. Psychedelic Paranoia

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