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Premiere: WeTurnToRed – The Machinist

Following track contributions to Cosmic Resonance ‘Warm Winter’ compilation in 2019 and DJ Holographic’ ‘Detroit Love‘ compilation in 2021 on Planet E, Toronto-based synth manipulator WeTurnToRed prepares to imminently release her inaugural solo ‘Rogue Planet‘ EP on Cosmic Resonance Records.

Packing 5-tracks, WeTurnToRed deploys a potent array of downtempo electronics, deep beat techno, electro-inspired breakbeat, South Indian styled instrumentation and heady dub atmospherics. It’s a bold debut that delivers an array of genres that will appeal to diverging listeners.

Our pick from the release is ‘The Machinist‘ thanks to its impeccable use of experimental dub electronics, subdued deep chords and snappy kick drums. This track delivers a smokey, dub techno vibe that’s hard not to fall into a state of deep mesmerisation.

‘Rogue Planet’ is scheduled for release on 15th September via Cosmic Resonance Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Feels Good
2. Rogue Planet
3. Deeper High
4. The Machinist
5. Nee Moottu Mo