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Premiere: Belagio – Caldo É Pra Tomar

With four years of shadow operation under their belt, São Paulo-based Boston Medical Group imprint deliver eleven neonatal lullabies – courtesy of Doctor Marcelo Altenfelder, also known as Belagio, formerly of Holger, an alternative Brazilian rock band.

Over the years of composing and touring with Holger, Belagio has developed into a multi-instrumental mastermind conducting post-rock experiments and balearic ballads intermingled with layers of contemplative ambient. As a result, his second album, ‘Entradas Para Sair‘, is nothing less than a ride on cloud nine, full of high spirits.

Our pick from the album is ‘Caldo É Pra Tomar’ thanks to its oneiric rounds of applause surrounding you right before you look into the world for the first time. Infused with buoyant melodies and magnetic strings, the track will transport you straight to Arthur Russell’s domain.

‘Entradas Para Sair’ is scheduled for release on 15th September via Boston Medical Group. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Orgânica
2. Rivotril E Cacau
3. Caldo É Pra Tomar
4. Goma Estável
5. Para Ver Se Sai
6. Argentina
7. Alvorada Inteira
8. Golden Janela
9. Acordo Assim
10. Me Xinga Agora
11. Domingão