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Premiere: Wrecked Lightship – Take it Back

Following their debut cassette ‘Drowned Aquarium‘ in 2022 on Dead Bison, Midnight Shift prepares to release the second album (and vinyl debut) from Laurie Osborne (aka Appleblim) and Adam Winchester under their collaborative production alias Wrecked Lightship.

Sidewinding potent swathes of bass and abstract electronics, over the course of eight tracks ‘Oceans and Seas’ melds melodic tones with ominous frequencies sampled from the canon of wonked-out electro, bass and techno. Our pick ‘Take it Back‘ is steeped in dub-wise swagger and two-step drums, wrapped in jagged frequencies and metallic tones – making this one of the more dancefloor focussed tracks on the LP.

With the majority of the album replete with a beat, including our track premiere, there are three tracks that offer dense ambient and explorative textures, making ‘Oceans and Seas’ an even more appealing to sci-fi leaning sound voyagers.

‘Oceans and Seas’ is scheduled for release on May 26 via Midnight Shift. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Arial
A2. Third Law
B1. Kill Mirror
B2. Hydrotower
C1. Eon
C2. Take it Back
D1. Henge
D2. Oceans and Seas