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Premiere: Yoshinori Hayashi – 0208

No man is an island“, the old saying goes. Well to be thoroughly honest, if not an island, Yoshinori Hayashi certainly is the one and only master of his domain for quite a few miles around. Expert in the art of weaving mind-expanding dub house origamis and opiated bazaar epics, somehow finding in Muslim Gauze a lineage holder worthy of the comparison, the Japanese mosaicist laid the foundations to a riveting musical corpus, firing off some of the finest non-functional 4/4 oddities and game-changing electronics in recent memory.

Hot on the heels of his latest outing, ‘Uncountable Set‘, released through Moscoman’s Disco Halal, Hayashi returns with ‘Harleys Dub‘ – a three-track hallucinogenic odyssey scheduled for landing via Dublin’s Jheri Tracks on May 28. Streaming over our channels today, the 13-minute-long opener ‘0208‘ is an entrancing varia of aqueous sub bass, wind chimes and Badalamentian reverse-engineered melodic tropes, all set against a classic forward-moving swing and dynamic hat shuffle. The finesse of arrangements and inch-perfect attention to sound design enthralls as much as the complexity of Hayashi’s compositions keeps delivering new, unspoiled flavours to wrap your ears around. A regal new addition to a catalogue marked with the seal of luxuriation.

Harleys Dub is released via Jheri Tracks on 18th June, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. 0208
2. 759
3. 9828

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