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Premiere: YS – Inside

Even though their name sounds like it’s been picked after a night of intense booze-up, behind the funny name Potatoheadz hides a label nonetheless eager to shell serious fire onto the dancefloor and down the basement. Trading the tape format of their first couple releases to engulf into the realm of black wax, the Melbourne via Berlin-based imprint with the spud-faced character steps up with a blazing debut 12″, ‘Unknown Data Set‘, due out at the end of the month.

Taken from this feisty four-tracker, we’re glad to share with you YS‘ steroid-induced electro breaker ‘Inside‘. A high-voltage blast of 303 bass played staccato, straight ’90s-style breaks and dopey pad motifs, the track rushes headfirst into a further inward-gazing dimension, dashing with the swiftness of an intense electrical signal from your hazed-out neurons straight down your wiggling legs. A superior audio stimulus that shall involve optimal response in the club.

Unknown Data Set is released via Potatoheadz Records on 26th January, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Edo Lang – Jan Juc
A2. YS – Inside
B1. Sedgwick – Digitale Djungle
B2. Pulsum – Distilled Existence

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