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Premiere: Baaz – Kraut House

Following up to his beautifully immersive debut album ‘Red Souvenirs’, released two years ago, Office founder Bastian Volker aka Baaz emerges with the label’s eighth release, ‘Untitled 08’, a four-track EP melding subtle flowing house and deep ambient sketches with a gentle organic lean.

Premiere: DJ Problemas – Love Simones

After contributing a track to rising Croatian outlet low income $quad’s second compilation, Lisbon-based producer DJ Problemas steps up with his debut solo outing, ‘Fúria De Viver’, out now via Berlin-based imprint Out Of Order. Stream ‘Love Simones’ in full within.

Premiere: Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1512110

Tonally, it’s easy to pitch the Colundi Sequence as the logical successor to Aphex Twin’s Polygon Window alias, but you can easily point the finger of inspiration towards anything from Jeff Mills to Thom Yorke. Premiering on the Inverted Audio channels, we are happy to bring you the lead track from ‘The Colundi Sequence Vol. 1’ as a taster.

Premiere: Leafar Legov – Cenote

With ’Cenote’ Leafar Legov doesn’t stray far from his comfort zone. Decking out an hypnotic roll of chiselled percussions within visually-evocative nature-scapes as seesawing synth accents and dubby ripples instill a further languid touch to the solemn profoundness of Legov’s production.

Premiere: Evitceles – Thrown

Fresh off his debut release on US tape label Cloud Bank, Bulgarian producer Evitceles strikes a second time with ‘Risingvanity’ for Cologne’s Noorden, a well fine piece of understated techno flirting with the inmost depths of ambient music.

Premiere: Physical Therapy – Spasm

Our premiere ‘Spasm’ contorts to the brutal onrush of a shadow-cruising predator bass and off-key synth switchbacks as a flock of bruising snares, smacking claps and clinky hi-hats drive the track into a chaos-inducing furnace. Physical Therapy has rarely sported his name so aptly.

Premiere: Leonardo Martelli – Il Registro

Menacing like JAWS’ main theme at first – a sinister bass strumming in a desperately shark-less ocean, ‘Il Registro’ offers what certainly counts as one of Leonardo Martelli’s most compelling slabs to date, combining the immersive impact of wistful pads with the galvanic crunch of a stealth breakbeat lilt. Straight up killer.

Premiere: Roger 23 – L o w. Reshape

To say this release is enigmatic would be saying too little; it’s pretty much what The Zenker Brothers are describing it as: “exotic pungent basement rebellion.” We couldn’t agree more, fellas. Check out Roger 23 “L o w Reshape” – our pick from this release as a perfect preview as to what awaits you.

Premiere: Monogenic – Binz

Inaugurated with a debut EP from label mastermind Adryiano in the early days of 2016, Cologne-based imprint CESTRAW is about to make a splash with its second instalment ‘Quite Good Tracks Vol.1’, a four-track compilation featuring contributions from Monogenic, Kastil, D.J. Shmugs and Adryiano himself.

Premiere: Marcel Fengler – Shitau

Marcel Fengler have picked a better EP to make a statement with, with every track giving you the “yes mate” pursed lips and dimpled chin. While singling out a sole track for premiere was an unenviable task, the emotional weeping synths of ‘Shitau’ nudged it just ahead of the competition.

Premiere: Troy Gunner – Bottle Bang

As Troy Gunner’s new single is about to hit the shelves via Boom Ting Recordings, we’re glad to present the slugging flip-side ‘Bottle Bang‘. This one’s going to hover in your mind like a bird of prey and trust us, it’s not about to let loose on you.