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Anna Funk Damage: Here Right Now

"Hazardously twisted material, beware"

Drawn towards the ever dark, abrasive side of electronic music – industrial and not, French label Mind Records return with a disquietingly harsh and noisey-friendly new project, this time courtesy of Italian troublemaker Andrea Natale.

Here donning his new alias, Anna Funk Damage, for the very first time, Natale gives birth to a menacing sound imaginarium attired with the kind of nightmarish finery you’d expect to find bordering on Freddy Krueger’s lair on a Friday the 13th.

The deliciously weird and wonky title-cut ‘Here Right Now‘ opens the festivities, blowing a wind of imminent peril across the dancefloor with its convulsive mix of hard-hitting snare uppercuts, buzzing arpeggios and altered vox blackmail, all geared towards epic dungeon scuffle and freaky dungeon bacchanals.

On the flip, the unequivocally suggestive and disturbed ‘Click Facial‘ takes you for a sense-numbing drift across Lynchian, nightly porn-watching sessions. Filthy to the fullest, the track unashamedly glides from cyphered 18+ pixelations to zoomed-in, screen-scattered genitals imagery within a mouse click, as womanly moans and sighs of pleasure lure you into AFD’s essentially fucked-up, cyclically driven erotic lullaby. End to end unsound, hazardously twisted material, beware.

Here Right Now is out now via Mind Records, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A. Here Right Now
B. Click Facial

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