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Bambounou: Alpha EP

Bambounou’s Alpha is a release of shuddering power. A mission-statement to disorientate, very much in keeping with the mantra of label Young Gunz – Whilst you sleep we destroy the world. The Parisian stable, which counts French Fries and Manaré as compatriots, is starting to command respect globally, with a debut London showcase imminently at Cable set to stun.

Back to Bambounou, aka Jeremy Guindo The title track glides through the gears, teetering on a bass-drum edge, through walls of smoke-noise punctured by nifty off-kilter arpeggios. The remix by Teeth drags things down a notch, retaining tension whilst projecting deviant vocal cut-ups onto a breezy, percussive landscape.

Dock Request stands out as the most tropical, a cut crafted for entertainment. A hallmark melody locked in contented repetition; the Lunice remix is a richer affair, bolstering the original with notorious organs, additional percussion and glassy synthesizers all combining to majestic surreal effect.

Heroic Deeds pushes out the boat with sumptuous rising chords, smashed against an 808 backdrop, the vocal hook is stuttered, restrained then unfurled like a slingshot towards the horizon. Darling Farah reduces it something altogether more underground with subversive bass aerobics.

Divided By Zero features more staccato slices, the constant spearhead for the EP’s soft underbelly and undoubted highlight. Emitting a gorgeous resonance, the repetition takes on an insistent critical mass.  Ikonika keeps things high tempo, full-neon synthesizers shatter the original mood; any sentiment of invasion gradually recedes into a different shade of reverence.