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Breakage: Together/Rain

For the past year and a half or so, acclaimed drum and bass producer Breakage has been making some serious waves within the Dubstep scene, effortlessly shifting his deep, rolling, minimal style down to 140bpm with tunes like “Callahan” or “Late Night”. Although I enjoyed the “Callahan/Untitled” 12″ and thought, technically, it was masterfully produced, I felt that the tunes themselves seemed to be a little non-descript and slightly lack lustre when compared to his D’n’B efforts like “Clarendon” or “The Shroud”.

This release, however, could not be more different and if you been to any dances over the past few months then chances are you will already know “Together” pretty well. For us at Inverted Audio, this is probably the biggest and best dance-floor tune that we have heard in ages and its truly a breath of fresh air at a time when the majority of “hype” tunes are rehashed mid-range wobble snooze-fests. Possibly the most memorable aspect of this tune is the voice of legendary reggae and dance-hall selector David Rodigan telling us that “during the course of the, we’ll switch and we’ll swap and we’ll ride round the track together, together, together…” before a drop that is nothing short of colossal. Throw into the mix a driving beat with an earsplitting snare and a bassline that’ll have you raising your gunfinga and we have an instant classic. “Rain”, on the flip, is a mellower but no less rewarding affair. A haunting vocal line hovers nervously over some seriously heavyweight sub bass pressure whilst the pitter patter of rain adds some nice texture, especially when the tune suddenly falls away in the middle and that is all we’re left with until the second drop. A highly recommended release.