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Jeniferever: Spring Tides

Jeniferever is a band from Uppsala, Sweeden, further proof that these Scandinavian’s still know how to make some of the most dynamic and inventive music to this day.  The band consists of four band members, Frederik Aspelin (Drums), Ollie Bilius (Bass, Keyboards), Martin Sandstrom (Guitar) and Kristofer Jonson (Vocals, Guitar). Of course an entourage of like-minded musicians and visionaries backs the band, which have helped forge this quartets spectacular sound. They are signed to the Monotreme Records and have been performing together since 1996.

My first encounter with Jeniferever was through their stunning track ‘Alvik’, I don’t know what or how, but when you listen to Jeniferever’s music it immediately calms you, makes you think straight, almost slows down time. I guess this is what’s music is all about, provoking you to remember the time when you first fell in love with a song, and relive that moment, that feeling, and that realisation that this is why we listen to music.

I suppose you could describe their music as ambient indie rock, it’s slow paced harmonies, melodic rhythms, contribute to the overall sound that evokes a Sigur Ros-esque sound. If you enjoy the sounds of ‘Sigur Ros’ and ‘The Cinematic Orchestra’ you’ll love this bands emotive and beautiful music.“Spring Tides” is made up of 10 tracks, after listening to the album, I really can’t individually pick a favourite, it’s all brilliant, each track is like a miniature orchestral symphony, distilling Sweden, its countryside and Uppsala into 10, 6 minute ish tracks, the tracks that do this for me are ‘St Gallen’, ‘Green Meadow Island’ and ‘Nangijala’.

For me, this will be one of my top recommendations for 2009, perfect for those lazy summer evenings. “Spring Tides” is available to listen to and download now I strongly recommend you do.