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Broshuda: Ooze Vector

Just as he toys with shapes and structures through retro-laced, post-pop and graffiti imbued collagesBroshuda has developed a sound that is steadily mutating from a certain ‘figuration’ to increasingly abstract forms. Moving from more calibrated formats to anti-normative fields of experimentation, ‘Ooze Vector‘ is a striking example of this substantial evolution.

Don’t expect anything close to rousing house compositions like the beautiful ‘Over‘ or ‘Loner‘, this new effort operates in a very different category. Rife with droney apostrophes, lo-freq hiss and off-kilter motifs, Broshuda deploys a wide palette of oddball electronics. Easily the most mellifluous track of the batch, ‘Fractals‘ almost acts as a deceptive opening with its string of shimmering bells, softly tolling and rolling like translucent droplets hitting a glazed surface.


"Rife with droney apostrophes, lo-freq hiss and off-kilter motifs,
 Broshuda deploys a wide palette of oddball electronics."

Entangling a flash-like loading sound, subtle crackles and more diffuse audio spans, ‘Acne Treatment‘ is a fine bit of spooky ambient moving in slo-mo;  ‘Ask Me If I Care‘ is just as haunting. Still, it would be difficult to draw a track from this cohesive ensemble. They’re carved from the same wood, reflect and echo each other ceaselessly – even beyond the listening part. ‘Mood Vector‘ exudes a more quiet and soothing charm, like the soundtrack to happy memories captive of photographic paper.

Like its title suggests, ‘Ooze Vector‘ fuses the technical aspect of hardware noodling with the sensitiveness of an ephemeral fragrance, exactitude and happenstance. From small-scale sounds to amplified resonances, Broshuda goes for a trip through gaps and imperfections, looking for the converse beauty that lies under the melodic crust of things. A mesmerising journey.

Ooze Vector is out now via Paralaxe Editions, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Fractals
A2. Ooze Vector
A3. Acne Treatment
A4. Bronze Corpse
B1. Mood Vector
B2. Barnsley
B3. Ask Me If I Care
B4. Skint

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