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Cosmin TRG: Now You Know EP

TRG has always been a bit of a favourite of mine. Partly because of my infatuation with Hessle Audio, whereby anyone who releases on their label is automatically raised to a status of demi-god. In terms of drum arrangements there aren’t many who can contest. Just give his remix of Al-Haca ‘Kryptonite’ a listen. Perhaps one of the best examples of Burial-esque 2-step groove that was created by Burial and it never even saw a release!

Now however we come to where TRG is at now, somewhere an awful lot nearer to offshoots of house than his 2-step past. Like a more linear approach to funky, though his production heritage shines through. Personal highlights come with tracks like ‘Siberian Poker’ and ‘Discotek’, although the real standout track that has me freaking out on every listen is ‘Tribal Flex’ It has literally everything. Rave stabs that should be used by the government to warn kids away from knife crime, enough bongos to disband a conga line and that syncopated shuffle that always makes my ears prick.

A notable release well worth checking, unfortunately though ‘Tribal Flex’ is a digital exclusive only available from Beatport. Whether it sees wax remains to be seen.