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Cosmjn: Drops

Toying with an ultra wide scope of sound, from progressive techno to acid-bathed jams and shuffling house, French vinyl-exclusive imprint Fragil keeps joyfully rummaging through the drawers of electronic music, seeking dancefloor efficiency as much as it intends to develop viable bridges from a genre to the other.

With this freshly baked sophomore release from Romanian producer Cosmjn – his second in just a couple of months – the label opts for a session in deep soil. The title-track ‘Drops‘ laces the same loop for about 9 minutes, restlessly alternating plains and purls, not rolling itself in dust as you could expect in the first place but rather well breathing in fully-charged drags of synthetic deep house in between the jacking lead rhythm. Perhaps too clean and prosaic for some, the title-track could have gained a lot more intensity whether it had dropped the limiting synth apostrophe that girds its sexy curves.

But when Marcellus Pittman comes in, you know the chastity belt is about to split. Eventually unleashing a welcome clash of lethargic synth meanders as the man keeps dropping jostling bass darts, the Nubian remix is bringing the nastiness expected. Blending hazy atmospheres and a lazing stuffed melody with the tantalising rhythm of the hats, Pittman creates a fascinating and groovy sound inertia that shall invite you to play the A side again and realize how much both sides nicely echo one another in all their disparity.

Drops is out now on Fragil Musique, order a vinyl copy from Clone.


A1 Drops
B1 Drops (Marcellus Pittman Nubian Remix)


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