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Idealist: Mind Field

Man, listening to music, sometimes reminds me of going to the barbers, they rap all this shit and pretty talk, and then when it gets down to it, the actual business that is, they cock it up… I’m like, I asked you for a trim and you gave me a fucking bowl cut, you prick. Fortunately, there are some that nail it and DO get down to business, in the music world anyway… where dafuq the good barbers doe?

Having said that, and typing with a sour scowl and lopsided fringe, at least Idealist is a man who’s learned his craft, who’s taken the time to work on his output, and having turned heads with “Firewood Street” back in 2016 on his own imprint… he’s back after 2 years off with a hefty new LP on Echocord.

Mind Field“, his sophomore effort, is not your nitty gritty low-cost airline, it’s a whopping great mechanical beast flying through the sky… kidding, but it does bare similarities with jet engine fuel, burning from his base in Zurich to across the seas, all on an in-flight selection of dubby techno and hard hitting house.

In that vein, there is a serious amount of ammunition in Mind Field, as soon as you press play and ‘Explorer’s‘ sultry tones reverberate, you know Idealist has a knack for flow and structure, and much like his pseudonym, this is very much music crafted for the mental headspace, so sit back to the lucid dreams of ‘Singularity‘, ‘M.I.T.H.‘ and ‘Dimension‘.

In-between and oozing out of the woodwork of the heavy knocks, the album is pieced together with stellar moments like ‘Golden Place’, discreet ambience in the ebb of consciousness to click everything back on track… especially after the kicks of ‘Stage One‘ have slapped you around, which you can check out via premiere below. OH LAWD, dats what I’m talking about boo boo.

Given that it’s been 2 years since Idealist has released his last LP, October really isn’t that far away to wait and grab “Mind Field“, but don’t ask Alexa, you ask the piece of junk to take you to Echocord’s website, and it starts telling me about the Yukon Territories, gurl… DAFUQ. Snip snip

Mind Field is scheduled for release 19th October 2018, order a copy from Boomkat.


1. Explorer
2. Dimension
3. Stage One
4. Golden Place
5. M.I.T .H
6. Singularity
7. Smoke and Mirrors
8. Final Cut

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