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Jay Daniel: Karmatic Equations

Last September a young scorpion rose under the hood of Detroit. Releasing his debut EP on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature imprint – one couldn’t dream of a better way to start one’s production career – Jay Daniel rapidly made himself a name in the game.

His first piece was eagerly awaited and the hype surrounding him should have put some pressure on the young producer’s shoulders but this never showed. Jay just did what he knew best: crafting winding, hazy, mind-bending tunes that sound like waking up in Omar S’ trash with Kenny Dixon Jr’s clothes on, stuttering “I love Detroit…”. We all do. Six months later, Jay returns with a fresh five track EP on Kyle Hall’s label Wild Oats, to confirm all the good things we thought about him.

The first plate welcomes us with Royal Dilemma’s obsessive, catchy groove – Jay double triggering his synth from outer space with some subtle percussion that keeps you nodding from beginning to end before dropping the next one. ‘Royal Insanity‘ is more of a rupture track, slowing down the rhythm and announcing a change in temperature as the kicks become angrier and angrier. ‘Change 4 Me’ is the epitome of the classic hypnotic tech-house track, a three note loop and a slight touch of manneristic drum kits and claps from hell. Why would you change such an efficient recipe? Jay wouldn’t and I’m fine with that.

The big change comes in the form of ‘Exit #1’. More brutal, more abrasive, and more masculine, just way more all round. Legend has it Jay Daniel was just trying to sharpen his 313 on a stone and finally invented fire. I’m joking but yes, it’s that good. As with Jay, there’s always an Exit #2, and ‘4 Red’ ends the journey. Heavy kicks attempt to keep you awake and offer you a buzzing way out of the cradle of techno music. Do you really want out? Here’s the real, royal dilemma.

In conclusion you really should make the effort to go and buy these two plates of goodness, it might improve your karma before you realise they’re all gone and think: “yeah… Jay Daniel is taking his place amongst the greats.”

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