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Luca Lozano / Ruf Dug: Massive 1

2016 has been a benchmark year for Luca Lozano and his various ventures – Klasse Rec, Klasse Wrecks, the Grafiti Tapes series and now Junglish Massive, a new offshoot 100% dedicated to the art of rough breaks, catchy hooks and bellicose D’n’B lifts. The debut number of his freshest undertaking sees none other than Rüf Kutz honcho Ruf Dug split duties with Lozano. A lethal combo on paper that reveals just as satisfying when the needle hits the groove.

Taking over the A side, Lozano doesn’t bother introducing himself: if you’re there, it’s for a reason. ‘Blabba‘ kicks things off with a tempest of martial snares and incisive rimshots showering in machine-gun mode. It’s a proper massive display of power from the Klasse honcho here, and he’s still just as efficient when it comes to getting things a little more spicy, either via the inclusion of weird, squeaky bellows or dishing out a galactic synth surf in the homestretch.

Starting with a spooky, cavernous intro, ‘Ton‘ has the muscular build-up of a Digital & Phantom’s production, tense as a pressure canner filled with nuts and bolts about to explode. Chopped-up vox may try to force their way in between two drum detonations, it’s caught in an iron vice that tightens its grip with every bar. Fierce and stimulating as it gets.

Flip sides and Ruf Dug unleashes similar strike force with the frantic ‘Night Train‘, exceeding all speed limits as it rushes towards a more chilled, broken-beat inflected vibe around its half. Not quite easing up on the gas pedal though as it rapidly returns for an ultra-speed finish, the Ruf Kutz boss hammers it home neatly.

Daintree‘ closes the EP on a halftone, soothing note with the help of Doepel’s sensuous sax solo, adding a fine touch of jazz to this drum-replete dish. Easily the most relaxed and pensive cut of the package, it deftly oscillates from the stiffness of classic jungle motifs to a palette of liquid synth spans in subtle dashes. We’re not quite sure whether Junglish Massive will be exclusively coming in the form of such collaborations but one thing’s sure, ‘Massive 1‘ sets exemplary standards.

Massive 1 is out now, order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Luca Lozano – Blabba
2. Luca Lozano – Ton
3. Ruf Dug – Night Train
4. Ruf Dug & Doepel – Daintree

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